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About Us

Nida Band Party

Nida Band Party is Established from 1987 and More than 700 Marriage done by Nida Band Party in a Year. 

Band Walla

Celebrate your blissful occasion with music and Dhols. Gone are the days when weddings were about just one boring repetitive tune. The wedding band presented by Nida Band Party now offers both traditional & western songs played by skilled musicians and artist.

DJ and Live Music

Be it the Sangeet night, the wedding or the reception, the music that you choose helps create and enhance the mood of the celebration. Whether you are looking for a disc jockey who will be in tune with your tastes and make sure you and your guests get your groove on or the voice that can set the right mood for your wedding events, Nida Band Party has a list of artists that can serenade you with songs that will make your day all the more special. We also have a list of bands that can fill the room with beautiful tunes.

Fireworks Activities

An Indian wedding seems almost incomplete without an elaborate fireworks display. Hiring experts to safely execute an aerial fireworks show is the right way to go if you want to light up the night sky on your special day. Nida Band Party allows you to choose from a number of fireworks professionals offering wide range of fireworks based on color themes and effects that’ll fit your budget – A perfect finale for your perfect day.

Sell & Service

Nida Band Provides:

  • झूमर लाइट 
  • गोल्डन लाइट 
  • छाता लाइट 
  • आइसक्रीम लाइट
  • घोड़ी ,बग्घी 
  • भांगड़ा डोल 
  • आतिशवाजी 
  • रोड डी. जे 
  • फ्लोर डी. जे 
नोट:- हमारे यहाँ फूलों के द्वारा कार की एवं मंडप की सजावट की जाती है


Contact Us

Master Naseem
Vijay Nagar - Kalyanpur Rd , Namak Factory ChaurahaOpposite Dadi Ma Hotel, Roshan Nagar, Rawatpur GaonKanpur, Uttar Pradesh- 208019
Rawatpur Gaon,Roshan Nagar
9936760958 , 9621496714
10:00 AM to 7:00 AM